Over 23 years ago, Luo Gongā€”just five years old at the timeā€”was on his way to kindergarten in the Sichuan region of China, when he was abducted and taken over 1,000 miles to Fujian in the southeast. But now, he's used the power of internet to find his family again.

A Fujian news service, Nhaidu, reports that Louā€”being only five at the time when he was snatchedā€”had no way of finding his way back. The only thing he remembered was that he lived in a town somewhere close to two bridges.


After years of struggling to come to terms with his situation, Lou came across a website dedicated to reuniting missing children with their families. He quickly posted his story, which was spotted by a volunteerā€”and soon found out that a family in Guangan city had lost a son 23 years ago. From there, he turned to Google Maps to try and identify his old neighbourhood. Eventually, he spotted the two bridges he rememberedā€”and headed home to find his family.

He's now been reunited with his parents, 23 years after being abducted. It's currently not clear if Louā€™s adoptive family will face charges over his abduction. [Nhaidu via South China Morning Post via Verge]