How long before The Walking Dead adds another Big Bad from the comics?

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Ian McKellen and Patrick Stewart deny all knowledge of X-Men: Apocalypse. Will Neill Blomkamp's Chappie be more like District 9 than Elysium? There's new video of Tris and Four in Divergent. Steven Moffat, Matt Smith, Jenna Coleman, and Orla Brady drop hints about the Doctor Who Christmas special. Spoilers now!



Here's a new clip showing Shailene Woodley as Tris and Theo James as Four. [ET Online]

Also, the third movie already has a release date: Allegiant will come out March 18, 2016. [Coming Soon]

X-Men: Days of Future Past

Patrick Stewart spoke about sharing the screen with the other Xavier, James McAvoy:

There was a certain happy charm about it, in that, when we shot that scene, it was James' first day of work and it was my last day. So I was saying goodbye to X-Men and he was saying hello. James has seen everything I have done, I've seen everything he has done. He is illustrating a time in Charles Xavier's life which was very different from the time that I've been inhabiting in the previous three movies, and we just let that play out. I think we've both been looking forward to doing that scene immensely.


Ian McKellen, on the other hand, had a completely different interaction with Michael Fassbender:

No, No, I think he made it clear that he wanted to be his own Magneto and that suits the nature of the story and his part in it. And, Bryan Singer clearly doesn't mind that we're, Fassbender and I, don't look much like each other, although they have put out a poster where our faces are blended and you do a double take and think, ooh, my goodness, I didn't know I was that good looking and then realize the bit that's good looking is not me but Fassbender.


Stewart claims he doesn't know anything about the just-announced X-Men: Apocalypse, saying:

Well I don't know if Ian knows anything about this, but I know nothing about it. Another X-Men movie has been announced and I said yes, yes, yes, it opens in May and they say no, no, no. Not that one, the one after. Has anybody called you, are you keeping something from me?


McKellen responded that he knows nothing, too, and joked that it means they probably won't be in it. [Coming Soon]


While talking about the work done for Elysium, VFX supervisor Muyzers said that it was a "no-brainer" that Imagine Engines would also work on Neil Blomkamp's next film, Chappie. He also gave a little bit of insight to what we can expect to see in the style of Blomkamp's next film:

A lot of the artists working on Neil's films always go back to 'District 9.' I'm not sure, but the impression that I get is that 'Chappie' could be more like 'District 9' than 'Elysium.'



300: Rise of an Empire

Yes, the totally-necessary 300 sequel is still happening. Here's a new poster. [Coming Soon]

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Gods of Egypt

Gods of Egypt, the totally ridiculous-sounding movie about magic, monsters, and gods running around the Pyramids and palaces of Egypt, and which boasts a cast containing Gerard Butler (as the god Set), Geoffrey Rush, Nikolaj Coster-Waldau (as Horus), Brenton Thwaites and Courtney Eaton, has a release date. It'll be released upon the public on February 12, 2016. [Coming Soon]


Doctor Who

Here's a typically circumspect description of the Christmas special from Steven Moffat:

It's his final battle and he's been fighting it for a while. The Doctor is facing the joint challenge of a mysterious event in space that has summoned lots of aliens to one place and helping Clara cook Christmas dinner. There are also elements from every series of Matt's Doctor, which will come to a head in this special. Things that we've laid down for years are going to be paid off.


Matt Smith repeated the idea that the special's going to draw a lot on his Doctor's past:

The Christmas special for me is a bitter sweet episode because I'm leaving, but Steven has written a brilliant, adventurous, funny episode and I'm really thrilled with it. It feels wonderfully Christmassy.

. . . I think it's good for the Doctor to go out with a bang, a crash and a wallop. I'm pleased it's really funny and mad. When I got to the last 20 pages and it was quite a hard read for me, but I hope it's going to be a belter.

We've got a great director in Jamie Payne and some really lovely double hand stuff with me and Jenna. Steven's managed to tie in plot points and narratives that have been threaded through over years and I think that's ingenious.

. . . With Doctor Who you're always looking back and forward at the same time, because you tend to be jumping around. I don't want to give too much away, but obviously when you look at my tenure over the last four years, there are stories and plot points and villains in there that are particular to my Doctor and I think he's got to face all that.


The clips released so far do seem to show Clara having Christmas at home, and Jenna Coleman seemed to confirm that idea, saying:

I think there had to be a sense of mystery last year to make the plot work. What's really interesting is that it does feel like we're starting again and we get to see her home life as well as her life with the Doctor.


And, finally, a little bit from Orla Brady about her brand new character, Tasha Lem:

The Doctor goes to see Tasha as they are old friends. He needs her help and knows he will find it with her. Although she is fearsomely powerful, she is loyal to her friend.


The Walking Dead

Showrunner Scott Gimple says that the show will return to see the effects of the loss of the prison and Judith (?) on Rick and Carl:

It's going to hit [Rick] in a way that we haven't seen before. If it's just the two of them, [Carl is] going to have to step up quite a bit because circumstances are wildly different and a lot will depend on him in terms of them just surviving. They don't have an awesome, dual-layer fence and brick buildings to hide behind. They're out in the world.


[TV Guide via Coming Soon]

Now that the Governor's gone, the next baddie from the comics is Negan. In the comics, there was a fair amount of time between those two villains, so the question for Robert Kirkman is whether the show would be doing the same thing:

Well, there was a lot of breathing room in the comics between them. Whether or not we have the same amount of breathing room, or if we do cut that down a little bit and bring him into the show a little early, remains to be seen. But I definitely do think there needs to be some kind of space from a Governor into a Negan. You have to have something of a break in there. So I wouldn't expect him to be showing up — definitely not in season 4. I don't know. I wouldn't expect it too soon. But we are all very excited about the prospect of bringing that guy into the show. The plan is that we will see him eventually.


[Entertainment Weekly]

Star Wars Rebels

Here's an interview with executive producer Simon Kinberg. [Coming Soon]


Here's a few character descriptions courtesy of TV Line.

played by Billy Campbell (The Killing)

A top pathologist at the CDC (Centers for Disease Control), Farragut is deployed to Arctic Biosystems, a remote, high-tech facility, to investigate a possible outbreak. His involvement is specifically requested since his brother Peter is among the infected.

played by Kyra Zagorsky (Supernatural)

This brilliant cellular biologist used to be married to Alan (awkward!) until she had an ill-advised affair with his brother Peter (so awkward). Hopefully they can put their issues behind them while cracking this viral mystery.

played by Jordan Hayes

A young virologist, she holds Alan in the highest esteem — and maybe feels something more for him?

played by Catherine Lemieux

An accomplished veterinary pathologist, she fast discovers that Arctic Biosystems boss Dr. Hatake might be "monkeying around" with certain disclosures.

played by Hiroyuki Sanada (Lost)

Brimming with confidence, menace, hypnotic charm and brilliance, Dr. Hatake is the true mastermind behind Arctic Biosystems

played by Neil Napier

Dr. Alan Farragut's brother, he is described as "charming and charismatic" — and infected by the mystery virus that brings the CDC et al to the Arctic Biosystems facility. But why has he survived while other infectees turned into [spoiler]?


More at the link. [TV Line]

The Originals

Here's a casting call, looks like it'll be a later episode, since the date's January 8, 2014:

Looking for CAUCASIAN TWIN BOYS, ages 7-9
to play featured twin boys in a creepy hallucination scene in old sanitarium (think The Shining- they will just standing there at the end of a hallway, but may have some blood on them and will look creepy!!

-an older, thinner AFRICAN AMERICAN MAN, age 65- 90 with clean cut hair or bald – it's 1920


-a Caucasian Woman in her 30′s, VERY THIN to be featured in a 1920 flashback/hallucination scene in old sanitarium – may involve some blood make-up as well.



Being Human

Here are a few teasers from Syfy for season 4. [TV Line]


Here's a promo for the winter premiere. [via SpoilerTV]

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