How Many Games Each Console Sells

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Me and you, we may trash talk consoles based upon their overall sales. But developers and manufacturers also care about something else. It's called the "attachment rate," or how many games an owner of a particular console is likely to buy. After 23 months on the market, the PS3 and Wii were in a deadlock with 5.3 and 5.5 games sold per system, respectively. During the same time, the Xbox 360 was at 6.6 games per system (and now, at 36 months, that number is up to 8.1).The Xbox 360 has had a historically excellent attachment rate, and it's yet to plateau. Meanwhile, it's fairly possibly that many casual Wii buyers haven't pulled Wii Sports from the drive since they put it in, offsetting the averages pretty hard for Nintendo. So let's turn to anecdotal evidence. How many games do you own for whatever consoles you've got? In my household, the stats are definitely in the same order as the chart, be the scale higher. [Gamasutra via Kotaku]

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I still don't own a console to play games on (have an XBOX that I run XBMC on). PC gaming till the end!