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Everyone's been waiting for the Cliq, Motorola's desperate-but-anticipated dive into Androidery, and we were ready to be excited about it. Problem is, you wouldn't have known from the launch, which was somewhat mishandled.


As far as fumbles go, confusing people about your new product's name ranks pretty high, and that's exactly what they did—we were there, and at first we thought the phone was called the Blur, then the Click, then the Cliq, as did pretty much the entire internet. Exhibit A, above.

Lance Ulanoff at PCMag took particular offense to the whole show, and went so far as to pen a takedown piece on the entire event:

The keynote did convey Motorola's sense of urgency. In fact, the whole event felt rushed. Motorola never stopped long enough to give us a good look at the CLIQ. It was like the Cliffs Notes version of a product launch. Major product points were glossed over or never explained. I don't think anyone specifically said that the big touch screen phone was hiding a QWERTY keyboard. Instead, you just kind of noticed it as the presentation went along.

Implied QWERTY! This is one of the most brutal hatchet jobs I've ever seen inflicted on a non-human, but it's probably deserved. Which is a shame, because the Cliq turned out to be a pretty swell little phone, actually! [PCMag]


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