How Not To Suck at Instagram

Cool it with the hashtags, don't post obsessively, and follow the rapper Rick Ross—according to a new short movie from filmmaker Casey Neistat, these are the rules of the road on the old Instagram highway.

Neistat gushes over Instagram. It reminds him of those old yellowing photo albums that documented his life as a child, and what it has on other social networks is that it's simply about the images. No words are really necessary. But more than a visual love letter, the video is a good guide on how to use Instagram properly. And how not to annoy the hell out of your friends and followers. [The Clearly Dope]

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Platypus Man

Not a huge fan of the show, but there was a line from a commercial of Two Broke Girls that I think applies here:

"Twitter is stupid and Instagram is Twitter for people who can't read."