How Slim Is the MacBook Air?

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We compared the MacBook Air to two of the smallest laptops in the planet: the Sony Vaio TZ series and the Asus Eee PC, even while this last one can't be compared at all in terms of features. Clearly, the MacBook Air is a truly svelte little number. Hit the jump for a bigger view of the photographic comparison and the volumetric comparison.

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Full disclosure: I'm not buying the MBA for the simple reason that it would, spec-wise, be a downgrade from my current 2.2GHz MacBook w/4GB memory. However, I wouldn't hesitate to "upgrade" to a rev. 2 MBA, say, in a year from now when I would actually get more horse-power for my money.

That said, I don't understand some of the things people are bitching about. Replaceable batteries? For fuck's sake. I'd say maybe 2% of all laptop purchasers buy an extra battery. In the past ten years I've owned as many laptops, both Apple and Windows PCs, and never have I bought an extra battery. For crying out loud, some of you bitch about having to shlep around a tiny ass USB hub/dongle/SuperDrive, but you're perfectly willing to carry around extra batteries?

Obviously, the MBA is not for everyone. Hell, none of Apple's computers are for everyone (if they were, Macs would have 100% market share). But if some of you think the MBA is going to be a flop because you don't like it... well, just remember what a lot of people "in the know" said when the original iPod was released.