How Soap Operatic Will The Prisoner Remake Be?

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So far, AMC's remake of 1960s weird-fest The Prisoner sounds like it's on the right track — with plenty of trippiness and explosions. Except for one major new element of soap opera. Spoilers below.


The show's director and stars met the press and showed off some clips at a press tour.

The good news? The footage sounds cool. And the show will keep some of the trippy edge from the original, although it's not a straight-up remake. You may want to have some acid handy, says co-star Lennie James (from Jericho.) And "Rover," the deadly balloon, definitely makes an appearance. The bad news? Among the changes is the fact that Number 2 has a rebellious son — bringing to mind visions of Scott Evil from Austin Powers.

Here are the scenes the press saw:

Number Six (James Caviezel) wakes up in the Truman Show-esque Village, and is startled when Number 313 (Ruth Wilson) tells him his name is Number Six now. A cab driver, Number 147 (James) drives him around.

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Then we meet Number 2 (Ian McKellen), a popular leader who wears pristine white suits and laughs a lot, and his estranged son, Number 11-12 (Jamie Campbell Bower). Number 313 tells Number 2 that Number 6 feels "alone," and Number 2 says "That's good." Then Number 6 tells 313 that his only problem is that he's being held here against his will.


At first 147, the cab driver, is happy in the Village, but he begins to doubt the paradise he lives in. And Number 6 starts to work on using 11-12's estrangement as a weapon against Number 2.

There's also an intense scene — which may be a dream sequence. Number 6 is tied to a pole in the desert. Number 2 walks up and taunts him by pouring some water on the ground. Then Number 2 puts a grenade in Number 6's mouth, pulls out the pin, and walks away. [IGN]




A son?

Well, I hate to be one of these people, but that pretty much does it for me, that's a no.