How the One Percent Secures Its Timepieces

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How does one prevent the help from absconding with one's fine horological collection while away, vacationing in the Maldives? With a $200,000 iPad-controlled watch safe. Come, come now Buffy, that should be obvious.

Hublot, purveyor of ultra-expensive, Swiss-made watches, has teamed with Doettling, the German luxury safe makers to create the Metamorphosis Watch Safe. The Metamorphosis is a cylindrical case, matte black steel exterior and either a carbon fiber or (even more exclusive) ultra-high grade Hublot rubber. It houses up to 42 watches in total, automatically rotating each to keep it wound.

And, being a safe, the Metamorphosis is designed to keep its contents secured. The top end of the cabinet houses an iPad dock. The connected iPad works as the input method. Users must enter a pass code, via the iPad to reveal the first set of watches. The user must then enter a second security code to access the second set of timepieces. The iPad can also control other features such as the speed of the watch rotations, the direction of the spins, and total number of spins per day. The price runs $204,664 for each cabinet. [Born Rich]

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So does the price include the iPad, or am I going to have to buy my own?