How The Shining's Camera Creates Constant Unease

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The Shining is a brilliant film, and it’s a scary film, and those two things are for the same reason.

The clever fellows at Wisecrack have made a video about the intriguing cinematography of The Shining, which remains one of the most beguiling things about the film. The camera, using careful framing and interesting tricks, becomes its own character, providing an off-kilter perspective that sets the whole film on edge.

I also really enjoy the way this video essay is shot—with the speaker superimposed over the film footage. It’s visually fun in a way that most video essays aren’t. I’m a big fan of the genre—as you can probably tell, from how frequently I share them. They do a great job of evincing critical points while also being a bit more digestible than written criticism. But they could use some more variety, and this video pulls that off well.


Check it out! Also, keep your eyes peeled—looks like The Shining’s written sequel might finally be getting an adaptation.