How the World's First All-in-One Beer Machine Works

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Giz's semi-goddess Sarah Meyers went to Maker Faire to admire all kinds of wonderful machines, and videotaped this straightforward demo of the workings of The Device, the first all-in-on beer machine. It's our favorite by far, not because of its design or ingenuity, but because of what it makes: lots of different types of beer. And, unlike other boutique ales, you won't have to recover a stolen laptop to enjoy a lifetime supply of its frothy goodness. The bad: it's not as elegant as a fridge with a built-in draft beer system. The good: it's fresh beer, you can teach science to your kids while getting drunk and it doesn't require a stupid bottle opener. On second thought, move "no bottle opener required" under bad. [Sarah Meyers, Rocketboom, PopSci]