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How To Be A Fly On the Wall From 100 Feet Up

Last month we wrote about what it's like to be a window cleaner in New York City. The New York Times did a video profiling veteran Spiderman Brent Weingard and documenting him cleaning windows or just, you know, hanging out. It was great. But you gotta wonder who was behind the camera on that piece. Because whoever it was was up there too.


Now The Times has released a behind the scenes look with videojournalist David Frank. Though Frank was initially scared of the height and of trusting the harness that would allow him to lean back from the building, he got into it when he realized how great his shots would be from 10 stories up. "Once I got settled I put the viewfinder to my eye and knew instantly that this was all worth it . . . When I came back inside I had a big smile on my face," he says in the video. Frank's family, and even colleagues, freaked out when they saw the footage from his lofty reporting, but that probably just made him feel like more of a badass. [The New York Times]

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