How to Build a Lifesize RoboCop ED-209 Costume You'll Want to Wear All Year Round

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The talented filmmakers—or should that be, remakers— at Ghostlight recently reshot the 1987 Paul Verhoeven masterpiece, RoboCop. But since they didn’t have a million dollar Hollywood budget, they had to build all of the film’s props and practical effects themselves, including this impressive ED-209 costume.

In the original film, ED-209 was realized using a miniature model that was animated by hand, frame-by-frame, and then composited into footage with actors afterwards. It’s a time consuming and expensive process to get it to look real, which is why these filmmakers simply built a lifesize ED-209 costume using everything from cheap cardboard to vacuum-formed plastic parts, with a puppeteer inside making it walk and move. You can see it in action in this clip from the final version of Ghostlight’s RoboCop remake:

Is this version as believable as the original ED-209 was? Not at all. But as far as costumes this would be a pretty fantastic getup for going trick-or-treating at Halloween this year. And while the filmmaker’s behind-the-scenes video doesn’t give you a complete step-by-step guide on how to build your own ED-209 costume, it covers the basics, and you’ve got about nine months until October 31 to figure the rest out.

[YouTube via The Awesomer]