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How To Build a Rig For Shooting Better Smartphone Videos

Under the right conditions, the cameras in your smartphone can shoot excellent video. Unfortunately, if the light is poor or there's a lot of background noise or you've got shaky hands, the quality is going to drop significantly. Here's a clever little rig that will help your video shine.


We've seen tripods for smartphones before, but this smartphone video rig is pretty awesome. The rig is similar to what you might build to shoot with a DSLR, but since you're using a lighter device and aren't trying to make feature fils, you can use cheaper components. You need a mounting bracket, a tripod mount four your phone (or a universal one if it doesn't exist), a microphone, and a small LED light-panel. Assuming you need to buy all of the components, the setup will cost about $110.

OK, so that's not the kind of money you drop just because, but it's certainly cheaper than buying a new camera or some of the expensive smartphone accessories out there. Plus, it's a reminder that if you're clever, you can come up with a homegrown solution that works for you. [Create Digital Motion]


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Uh, the microphone kit he's using is twelve hundred dollars. All good until I hit that point.