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How to Build an Electric Foundry to Melt Metal

If you’re interested in melting metal, and you totally should be because it’s basically the most fun way to recycle soda cans, The Art of Weapons details how to make an electric foundry for metal casting. Using charcoal to heat up a foundry can get a bit dirty so it makes much more sense to melt metal by running electric heat through coils. With a little bit of electricity know-how, you’ll be on your way to torching things in no time.


That orange glow from the hot hot heat of the coil is always so gnarly to see.


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Is Sploid transitioning from “Huh, another cool video” to “Whoa that’s something cool I can do in my man-cave!”

(Also if your mancave doesn’t have a turret mill and a forge, it’s not a mancave, it’s only a manchild hidey)

If so, I fear I’ll lose more hours to Sploid, and possibly get to know my ER better.