How to Find Free Wi-Fi, Wherever You Are (Just About)

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Sadly, 4G isn't here yet and 3G ain't fast enough, so we still rely pretty hard on free Wi-Fi to get our internets out in the world. But what if you're not in range of a Starbucks? (It happens, occasionally.)

Gina at Lifehacker has you covered with their definitive guide to finding free Wi-Fi. Besides the usual easy haunts, like Harbucks or one of those coffee places that won't kick your ass to the curb for busting out your laptop, there are a few tricks of the trade: Scanners, look-up tools, and when you're desperate, you might just need to crack some WEP. Check that guide for all the how-tos. Just don't be greedy now, to save some for the rest of us. [Lifehacker, Image via florian/Flickr]