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How to Hack Voting Machines for Fun and Profit

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Voting is great and everything, but wouldn't it be awesome if you could make your vote count more than once? Or, even better, change other people's votes to be for your candidate of choice? Well, good news, America! Now that we're using poorly-designed and insecure electronic voting machines, you can do just that with some simple hacking! And thanks to some researchers at Princeton, anyone can be a voting machine hacker. Here, we'll show you how! The Princeton University Center for Information Technology Policy has gone and published a report detailing the security vulnerabilities of the Sequoia e-voting machines and exactly how they hacked them. It turns out you just need to replace a single ROM chip, a process that takes about 7 minutes. Just tell the poll workers that you're undecided and need to really think about it in the booth. Even better? Once you install fraudulent firmware on one machine, it can virally spread itself to other machines, meaning you can commit widespread voter fraud across your entire state by just messing with one single machine. Isn't that awesome! And it'll keep propagating itself, effecting the next election as well, and the election after that. Oh, and that fraudulent firmware? It's a mere 122 lines of code and took them 2 days to write. They say that anyone with a computer science background could cook it up pretty easily. America! Wooooooo hoo! [Ars Technica]