How to Hide Your Router in Plain Sight

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You have a router. It's ugly and it blinks. Maybe it's located somewhere where you can't completely place it out of view. Maybe it needs to be in the open for reasons of signal strength. Either way, here's a very quick, very easy, and very elegant way to camouflage your router in the home.

  • Find a visually attractive hardcover book of little value that is around the same height and depth as your router when placed flat.
  • Gut the middle of that book, removing all pages. (An Xacto knife works well, apparently.)
  • Slip the book around the router so that the spine is covers the front.

Aaaaaaaand you're finished.

That said, this probably isn't the best idea if the primary heat vents for your router aren't located around the back and sides. But for the rest of us, it's a quick way to de-nerd our tech dens. [Ana Maria Muñoz via Apartment Therapy]


Image via Ana Maria Muñoz