How To Make an External Mac Book Battery Pack for $60

If you use a Mac Book and are out on the road a lot, chances are the battery doesn't last quite as long as you'd like. One solution is a commercially available battery pack, but they're not cheap. So how about making your own for $60?


Over at the Verge, there's a post that explains how to hack together CCTV batteries and a third-party car charger to make a cheap external power packt aht can provide up to nine hours of juice. It's a pretty straightforward project—if you know which end of a soldering iron to hold, you should be OK—which could save you a few hundred dollars. What's not to love? [The Verge]

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You spend thousands on a MacBook and then you start building a battery pack to save a few bucks? Dude, if you cannot afford a Mac, buy a PC, you might even get a better hardware for a lower price. But if you invested in a Mac don't be cheap do you really want to risk damaging your system?