Wirelessly charging your iPhone would be pretty great, but not with the dumb cases that inductive charging requires. That's why this mod from Tanveer is so great. A regular iPhone that charges when you set it down. The future!

Here's what you'll need, according to Tanveer, in addition to some serious soldering skills:

a steady hand
soldering tools
a spare charger port assembly
very thing gauge wire
a spare back cover
a wireless charger circuit (probably homemade from parts)


It's a pretty involved hack that will obviously void your warranty. You not only have to solder tiny wire to tiny pins, but you've got to add 1mm of give to an iPhone back panel. It takes some serious work, but for a 1mm-thicker iPhone that you don't have to plug in to charge? Kind of worth it. [tanv28 via Cult of Mac]