How to Maybe Stop Procrastinating

Everybody procrastinates. Well, every sane person does. That’s because it’s nice to not think about what we have to do and it’s so much funner to just play video games and distract ourselves from reality. But then eventually we still have to do the thing we had to do and we now have less time to do the thing because of our procrastination. How do we stop procrastinating?


This video explores the idea of why we procrastinate—the limbic system vs the prefrontal cortex, instinct vs rational thinking—and comes up with a suggestion to re-train priorities: mindfulness meditation. Maybe?

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You Guessed it: Frank Stallone

I was the absolute master of procrastination in college. Powerpoint due in an hour? Boom. Done in 30 minutes. Paper needs written? Slam, done in an hour. But procrastination is probably why it took me seven years to finish.

But, a lot of people go to college for seven years.