How to Properly Wrap All Your Cables so They Don't Turn Into a Tangled Mess

Did you know there’s a special way to wrap your cables that not only keeps them neat and tidy, but also makes them perfectly unfurl without tangling when you’re ready to use them? It’s the de facto way to store cables in the video, film, and music industries, and it can also help lengthen the life of all your cords.

Even if you’ve heard of the Roadie Wrap technique before, the video is still worth watching as Making Music Magazine’s Todd Hobin uses a clever “overworked and underpaid” mnemonic that makes it easy to remember how to do it properly.

[YouTube via Likecool]

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and yet his loop STILL looks like an uneven shitmess.

all cable have some sort of natural coil to them. the trick is finding it and sticking with it. IE over worked, over worked, over worked.