How To Save $40 On an iPad Mini

Refurbished iPad Minis have hit the Apple Refurb Store, the store where like-new Apple stuff is actually sold at a discount. The iPad Mini was announced last October, and new models usually hit refurb land within six months, so the iPads populating Apple's refurb ghetto are right on schedule.

As of now, there are only two models available, the 16GB Black iPad Mini for Verizon, which at $430 is $30 less than a new model, and the 32GB White WiFi iPad Mini, which clocks in at $40 less than the standard price. Those are pretty small discounts, but hey, they're better than nothing. [Apple Store via 9to5Mac]

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Apple Mini vs the Nexus 7. It's like the role reversal from all the iPhone screen size is too small compared to Android debates.

Apple has the nice sized screen for a sub 10" tablet, and the Android is all scrunched up for screen real-estate especially in Landscape mode.

Great use of that bottom navigation bar Android, what a waste of screen space.