How To Shoot 4,000FPS Footage On a 60FPS Budget

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The Beauty of Mud features stunning high speed footage of someone splashing through a mud puddle. Except that it wasn't shot at 4,000FPS—it was actually filmed at just 60—and processed with a plugin called Twixtor.

Since capturing something in extreme slow motion requires a high-speed video camera which cost well north of $100,000, David HJ. Lindberg decided to go the cheaper route with a 60fps capable $760 Canon 550D T2i and the $300+ plugin. It's not the first time we've extolled the virtues of the frame interpolating Twixtor, but this short film seems to push it to extremes without any visible artifacts.


Keep in mind that for every second of footage the plugin had to create an additional 3,940 new frames from the original 60 that were captured. And it did it with results that actually make it almost impossible to tell the slow motion sequences weren't originally shot that way. It's yet another valuable tool for filmmakers working on extremely tight budgets, as long as they have the time to wait for hours and hours of processing and rendering. [Vimeo via Doobybrain via PetaPixel]