How To Train Your Dragon's stage show will feast on Spider-Man's Broadway entrails

Now this is a movie-inspired kids stage show we'd pay money to see. Check out the first ever footage form the Melbourne stage production of How To Train Your Dragon.


The production looks a lot like the very popular traveling show, Walking With Dinosaurs, only with dragons. This is not a bad thing. So, when can we ride the Deadly Nadder? The show is (hopefully) making the rounds across the globe and will wind up in the States soon!



All the arguments I've had about how my childhood in the early 90s was better then what these kids have today (or, at least, was less complicated) have been, pretty much, completely deflated. Seriously, this kind of animatronic tech has come a *long* way. If you showed Disney this when he was still alive I think even he'd crap himself. Well done.