How to Transfer 8mm Footage to a Canon DSLR in Real Time

Wrap your head around photographer James Miller's tutorial, and you're half-way to transferring dusty reels of 8mm family videos to digital. Of course, you could always pay someone to scan frames for you, but Miller's way is a lot more affordable—you just need a certain amount of tech nous and equipment.


As you can see around the 1.30min mark, Miller unscrewed his lens, and taped an element to the projector's lens tube. A cloth over the Canon 5D mk II, and his home video was transferring to digital without any light leakage. A superb, if rather complicated, way to digitize those memories. See one of his converted examples below. [Vimeo via Planet5D via PetaPixel]

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what's 8mm? is that an app like instagram?

i kid.