How to Turn a Point and Shoot Into a Night Vision Camera

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Over at Instructables, there's a sweet little DIY project that can turn any 'ol point and shoot into a night vision camera. The secret is adding more infrared. Which isn't much of a secret, I guess.

The DIY night vision camera does require some drilling and soldering, so it's not for amateurs, but the rest of the project doesn't look that difficult. Randy, the guy who created the camera, claims that " this special camera captures even the most difficult shots in low-to-no light photographic brilliance". You can see how well the night vision works (and what you have to do to make it) in the video:

[Instructables via MAKE]

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If I recall correctly, you should be careful using this. While we cannot see the IR light, it can damage eyes like any other. So, if you point the IR lamp right at someone (or some animal), their iris may not contract as it would to a bright visible light.

Of course the above could be complete BS that I am regurgitating so take it with a grain of salt