How to Upgrade Nerf's 70 MPH Blaster With a Monstrous 108-Shot Magazine

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When it comes to Nerf warfare, accuracy always takes a backseat to firepower. Your ability to nail a target with a single shot means nothing when they can return fire with a massive onslaught of foam ammunition. And that’s exactly why this Nerf Rival Zeus upgrade is so utterly brilliant.

Using some clear plastic tubing that’s perfectly sized for the Nerf Rival ammo, and a PC cooling fan to move those tiny foam balls along, YouTuber Out of Darts created a 108-shot magazine to feed a Nerf Rival Zeus that’s modified to be fully automatic.

But why stop there? A 108-shot magazine is awesome, but an entire backpack full of foam ammunition all but guarantees you battlefield supremacy. Outof Darts’ Nerf Rival Proton Pack can hold over 270 rounds so you’ll never need to duck for cover—except when you’re spending a quarter of an hour refilling your backpack.

[YouTube via The Awesomer]

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