How to Watch Super Bowl XLIX Online

Super Bowl XLIX is tomorrow. Cord-cutting SportsHeads need not fret: If you don't have a TV, it's pretty easy to watch it online this year. NBC is streaming it for free on its website, and even if you don't have cable, you'll be able to watch from within the U.S.

The pre-game coverage starts at noon ET and post-game stuff goes until 10 ET, so you can spend pretty much the entire day basking in the glow of your computer and the refracted second-hand glory of athletic prowess.


Don't live in the U.S.? That's where things get dicier. I'm in Toronto right now, and I couldn't access NBC's website using Hola Unblocker, though you may have better luck with a VPN. You can buy the NFL Game Pass to watch it abroad, but you'll have to get it for the full season, which runs $55 and really doesn't seem worth it.

If you have Verizon, you can watch it on your Android, iOS, Windows, or BlackBerry phone, but other carriers are out of luck, because NBC doesn't have the rights to stream it to mobile devices in general.

Oh, and don't try to strap a camera to a drone and fly it over the field. The FAA banned them. [GigaOM]

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