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HP CEO Promises a Smartphone's Coming Because of Course It Is

Illustration for article titled HP CEO Promises a Smartphones Coming Because of Course It Is

After purchasing Palm, putting webOS on smartphones and tablets, and then giving up, it seems that HP has finally decided it needs to offer a smartphone. Pressured on the point in an interview with Fox Business, HP's CEO Meg Whitman said that the company "ultimately has to offer a smartphone." But when, where, how, and what are still up in the air.


There's also the tidy little problem that saying you need to make a smartphone in 2012 is like saying you need to build a cotton gin in 1953. And with webOS in the refuse pile, Windows Phone struggling to get a foothold, and Android being an over-saturated mess dominated by a few major players, it's hard to see where HP will fit in. Probably developing countries, probably with something cheap and forgettable, throwing elbows with RIM over commoditized crap. HP has to offer a smartphone, sure. But that doesn't mean anyone's going to take them up on it. [Fox Business via Engadget]

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as a proud touchpad owner, if they could get developers jumpstatred making webos apps, id love a webos phone, the cards navigation of open apps is the best there just isnt that good of a selection for apps.