HP iPAQ rx4000: Mobile Media and PDA Hybrid is Sexy (For an iPAQ)

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HP, we've always loved you for your brains. But we're glad you've gone ahead and made a mobile gadget that doesn't look like its meant for the corporate goon-squad. What we have here is a design-y Windows Mobile 5.0 Pocket PC device, with WiFi and Bluetooth for net-and-more connectivity. Like most full featured Windows Mobile devices, you can use it with VOIP apps like Skype. I didn't sight much more info out in the wild, so I'm not sure about availability. But unless there's a cult of HP brewing up fark'd iPAQs, we doubt this is a fake photo or a false rumor.

UPDATE: It's an Asia-only model. Which means it may come state-side.
HP iPAQ rx4000 [Hardware Zone]


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