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Even though we've kicked off a new year, the battle of the 30-inch monitors continues. This time around the folks at ExtremeTech have put HP's shiny new LP3065 against Dell's 3007WFP. It was a close match, but ultimately the crown goes to the LP3065 for its wider color gamut and trio of dual-link DVI inputs (all of which support HDCP).

HP took a little extra time to jump into the big screen LCD fray, but being late to the party allowed them to deliver a 92% gamut display that offers superb image quality and fast response times. About the only downside is the price.


Keep in mind, however, that they compared the HP LCD to Dell's 3007WFP and not the step-up model 3007WFP-HC, which like the HP has a 92% color gamut. In other words, the battle ain't over just yet.

HP LP3065 30-inch Monitor Review (ExtremeTech)