HP May Take Its Toys and Go Home from Blu-ray

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Yup, it's happening again. More next generation DVD hype from big player HP. Though Hewlett-Packard had pledged support to Blu-ray earlier this year, it looks like the company is pissed off that the group has not come up with a way to help with the PC-based specifications it asked for from the beginning.

HP has championed two technologies known as iHD and mandatory managed copy. Mandatory managed copy lets users legally copy DVDs and store the digital file on a home network, while iHD provides for new interactive features and is slated to be implemented in Microsoft Corp.'s new Windows Vista operating system.

Blu-ray says it will incorporate mandatory managed copy, just not now. It fears adding it at this time will delay its launch, which is already behind HD-DVD.

Blu-ray said it will incorporate mandatory managed copy but would launch it in spring 2006 with interactive features built on Sun Microsystems Inc.'s Java software.


HP doesn't want to get into a game with consumers and definitely does not want to see another format war like the one between Betamax and VHS years before.

"If they are unable to incorporate technologies we think are critical for the PC architecture, we'll be more neutral. We'll think of cost and implementation across the board. Potentially, we could support both HD DVD and Blu-ray," says Maureen Weber, general manager of personal storage in HP's personal systems group.


Wait, what? Oh. Sorry. Fell asleep there for a minute, girls.

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