HP Mini 100e Netbook: A Student Model For Model Students

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Putting computers in classrooms is a noble cause, and one that's so far been dominated by Intel's Convertible Classmate PC design. Today, though, HP's joining the fray with a tot-focused tote-able netbook of their own.

The Mini 100e doesn't have some of the Classmate's money features—the swiveling webcam, the HDD shock protection—but it does offer a (netbook) solid Atom 455 processor, light weight, some pre-loaded education-friendly software, an indicator light so that teachers can tell when students are or aren't online, and an asking price expected to be at or below $300.


That last point may be the most important one. It's $200 less than the average Classmate, making it more accessible for cash-strapped school districts. And the ability to customize the exterior and interior of the Mini 100e, with either your school's logo or mascot or a little piece of whimsy, is a great dose of personalization.

The Mini 100e's not something you'll buy in stores. But as computers become a more crucial part of the educational process from a younger and younger age, it's good to see that there's increasing choice out there.

HP Introduces Affordable Mini Netbook for Primary School Students

PALO ALTO, Calif., June 23, 2010 – HP today announced an education-focused Mini designed to help schools around the world acquire affordable, reliable computing technology.
The HP Mini 100e Education Edition features a modern, student-friendly design with the durability and functionality essential for classroom computing. Complete with an array of hardware and software tools, the HP Mini 100e aims to close the digital divide by offering students and teachers an interactive learning experience at an affordable price.
"HP is committed to helping schools adapt to students' changing needs and to creating solutions that provide better interactivity, connectivity and learning," said Dan Forlenza, vice president and general manager, Business Notebooks, Personal Systems Group, HP. "The HP Mini 100e is an affordable, feature-rich device that helps ensure every student has the tools needed for success in their academic endeavors."
The HP Mini 100e includes productivity, education and security software from Microsoft, such as Microsoft Office 2010 Preloaded, (1) Microsoft Math and Microsoft Security Essentials.
In addition to the learning software, the HP Mini 100e also features a spill resistant keyboard for higher reliability in the classroom and an easy-to-see LED that indicates when the PC is connected to a network enabling better instructor monitoring.
The HP Mini 100e offers an integrated worldwide modem, which is compatible in all countries with the V.92 standard. This enables dial-up internet connection(2) in remote areas so students can easily connect to the web anywhere there is internet service available over a phone line.
HP Mini for students
Created to seamlessly integrate into education environments, the HP Mini 100e features a practical clamshell design starting at only 3.19 pounds. Its 10.1-inch diagonal LED-backlit WSVGA display, 92 percent of full size QWERTY keyboard and an integrated carrying handle allow for maximized comfort and efficiency in the classroom and on the go.
It also includes separate headphone and MIC ports to allow students to easily connect to other devices, as well as a VGA webcam(3), while offering enhanced sound quality and reduced echo in virtual conferencing, language courses and interactive multimedia classroom sessions.
Built with added durability features for young students, the HP Mini 100e includes strong metal alloy hinges with steel pin axles and a spill-resistant keyboard designed with a protective Mylar film under the keyboard helping to ensure greater protection against spills. The Mini 100e also features a customizable back panel, keyboard deck, and bottom case – exclusive to HP Minis – allowing customers to personalize their units with their school logo, motto, or a picture for added security and personalization.
The HP Mini 100e boasts an impressive array of technologies in a tiny package, including a low-power Intel® Atom N455 processor(4) and Intel NM10 Express chipset, enabling the unit to run cooler, use less power and help improve battery life compared to its predecessor. It offers 1 gigabyte (GB) of DDR3 memory for faster data transfer, along with optional flexible battery solutions, including three or six-cell battery options.(5)
Catering to varying education environments, the HP Mini 100e offers Windows® XP Home, Windows 7 Starter(6), or SuSE Linux (SLED 11) operating systems.
Whether at home or in the classroom, students can enjoy the HP Mini 100e's wireless features, including optional Wi-Fi Certified WLAN(7) and a worldwide modem that enables dial-up(2) internet access even in remote areas.
There are a variety of accessories also available for the HP Mini 100e product, to further improve the productivity of students in the classroom, and at home. including:
- HP Slip Case
- HP Optical Mouse
- HP Combo Lock
- HP Student Edition Youth Backpack
- HP External USB Optical Drive
Pricing and Availability(8)
The HP Mini 100e will be available worldwide in July. Pricing will be set on a per deal basis, and not expected to exceed $300 per unit.
More information about the HP Mini 100e and its accessories, including product specifications and images, is available at www.hp.com/personal

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