HP Slate Priced At $540 With June Launch Date According To Leaks

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Well, they've succeeded in coming in at under $630, but even so the €400 ($542) price rumored for the Slate is still too much when it's coming up against the $499 iPad.

The price comes via the Spanish Clipset site, so isn't confirmed or anything—though they are saying it'll support Flash, run on an Atom chip and will have a USB port, memory card reader and webcam (albeit on the back.)


Launch details seem to suggest June, or "before September" for Europe. [Clipset via Engadget Spanish via Engadget]

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As nice as the Slate sounds on paper, I've yet to see how well it actually runs the OS. Windows 7 may run on netbook guts, but as far as I've seen, it's not exactly the smoothest experience either. How long does it take to boot up? How long can I use it on the go? Regardless of how pointless the iPad seems to be, one thing that I'm very sure of is that the battery will last a long time, it will run its OS with liquid smoothness and be sure to run everything made for it with relative ease (take or leave the obvious caveats of a closed system)

In my opinion, "fully functional PC" is not an adequate selling point on its own. It needs to offer something that can recreate much of the iPad experience, while providing enough of the benefits of a full PC to make a difference.