See HP Slate. See HP Slate Run Flash.

Adobe's got a video out that proves the HP Slate can run Flash and AIR just fine, thankyouverymuch. To which we say: no kidding! It's a Windows 7 device. What's of some concern might be HP's own marketing clip:


The Adobe clip shows real-use situations with Flash, and it looks great. The HP clip, though, is totally rendered: screen, hand, everything fake.

There could be lots of reasons for that, of course. But hopefully it's not that HP doesn't trust its Slate enough yet to film actual behavior.

Also making a debut appearance, in the first video: the Slate's on-screen keyboard, which doesn't seem to have solved any of the problems the iPad's poses.

Apple may have a head start with the iPad, but HP's clearly staking out their tablet territory by stressing Flash so heavily this early. Let's hope it plays as well in real life as it does in simulations. [Engadget]




If I wanted a small computer that runs Windows 7 I would buy a Netbook.

No matter how much I try to like other Non-Apple product the more I fall in love with Apple products. I own a Archos 5 and it runs flash and multitask too, something the iPad can’t do, but does it make the Archos 5 better than the iPad? NO. Flash video loads about half the time and some web sites like CNN don’t load at all. Multitasking is great until the developer doesn’t put a quit button in the program or the App just keeps running in the background. Not only does task running in the background suck up battery life it also slows down the mobile device. What the iPad offers is simplicity, something other companies could learn from.