HP's WebOS Team Is Moving to Google

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Poor little webOS, it just can't catch a break. Now, the Verge is reporting that a large chunk of HP's webOS team is leaving the company and moving on to Google.

According to the Verge, most of the team responsible for Enyo, the HTML5-based framework which lies at the core of webOS, are apparently moving to Google. The news comes on the back of the announcement that HP is cutting 27,000 jobs.


HP has explained that it's not the entire team that's leaving, but senior members—including the Enyo project leader—are certainly moving on. HP has also explained that, as far as it's concerned, it shouldn't affect the future of the Open webOS project. Right, yes.


It's unclear what the team will be doing over at Google. However, it would seem logical for them to find themselves working on Android, with their background in mobile OS development, or perhaps Chrome, given that webOS is based around web-based applications. [The Verge]