HTC Boss Says 2 to 3 Android Phones in 2008, New Touch Interface Coming and More

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Digitimes, citing the Chinese-language Commercial Times, said HTC was committed to building two or three Google Android-based handsets in 2008. This apparently came straight from HTC boss Peter Chou, who spoke to foreign investors in Taiwan last week. When we heard from Chou at the Open Handset Alliance/Android launch, he seemed confident that HTC would be first or among the first to launch an Android handset in 2008, but did not say there would be others. Smartphone-lovers will be interested to know about a trio of extra tidbits Chou mentioned as well:


• It would be launching a 3G phone in the near future that did not use the Qualcomm-based chipset.
• The current TouchFlo technology seen on such phones as Sprint's HTC Touch wasn't necessarily the greatest—anyone with any iPhone experience would find it unresponsive, says I—and HTC will be introducing a new touch UI technology in 2008.
• As far as the WiMax rollout goes, HTC would release a WiMax/TD-WCDMA mobile phone either by the end of 2008 or beginning of 2009. [ Digitimes via IntoMobile]


sweet :) new os and new gadgets...

htc is really making nice work. and just to set record straight, apple did not make a new way for mobiles ;) there were others way before. don't get me wrong i like the interface a lot. and also the name iphone worked nicely, but getting really tired of all those ithings... some originality please. even gphone would be a shitty name for a googlephone. ii iam ireally itired iof iinames. and still waiting for the nicest of all things before buying a new one. sony's new uiq walkman or the next generation p1i touch... sony rules.