HTC Contemplates Writing Own Mobile Software (Or Buying It From Palm)

Illustration for article titled HTC Contemplates Writing Own Mobile Software (Or Buying It From Palm)

There are plenty of reasons for HTC to buy Palm, but the realization that it needs to stop relying on outside companies to provide software for its devices is making such purchase look all the more appealing.


Apparently HTC is currently investigating whether it should in fact stick its own operating system on the devices it produces. The company's smartphones currently run Windows Mobile and Android, but HTC is certainly no stranger to dealing with user interfaces since they've often written custom UIs over those operating systems.

For now though, HTC's CFO explains that they "continue to assess" whether or not to turn to their own operating system and have a "few conditions to justify" before making such a move. Once those conditions are met, they'd naturally need to either start writing software or buy out another company.

Convenient timing for Palm. [Bloomberg]



How about the fallout of this meaning that Sony starts being a big Android and Windows Mobile 7 customer? Samsung and Motorola are probably the beneficiaries of HTC not doing as much Android or Windows Mobile in exchange for doing WebOS. But I just don't have as much faith in them to make good stuff like HTC. I'd think Sony could make beautiful, bizarre, niche devices with those two OSes.