HTC EVO 4G Pushes Palm Pre Off Sprint's Launch Day Sales Pedestal

News just in—the HTC EVO 4G has officially been more loved on launch day than the Palm Pre. While queues were around the block for many Sprint stores selling the webOS phone last June, it wasn't any match for the HTC EVO 4G. Friday saw the most sales for any one phone sold at Sprint in one day—in fact, there were three times more EVOs sold on launch day than there were Palm Pre and Samsung Instinct phones sold in the first three days at Sprint. [Sprint]


Reviews of HTVC EVO 4G universally hammer it for its appalling battery life, and remind people that 4G coverage is allmost no where to be found, and if they do get a 4G connection it will suck the battery dry in no time. And yet people seem to buy it in droves. Why?

Is this the ultimate proof that many people buy gadgets just because of a spec sheet, and simply don't care about actual performance and practicality?