HTC Kaiser Unboxed

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Just when people were getting used to the HTC Wing, Boy Genius goes and unboxes the HTC Kaiser. The Wing's younger, more powerful, and better-looking brother has Windows Mobile 6, quad-band GSM/EDGE, tri-band UMTS/HSDPA, a 3-megapixel camera with auto focus, GPS, WI-Fi, Bluetooth and that standard HTC sliding QWERTY that everyone loves.


What's interesting about this line of phones (by this line we mean the Kaiser and its siblings that will make it to CDMA carriers) is the tilting screen and the 128MB of RAM (75MB of which is user-accessible). Otherwise, the inclusion of a real GPS (!) on a standard HTC-styled slider makes it super winner fun-time deluxe to us.

HTC Kaiser Unboxing [Boy Genius]


This is what I was looking at before I saw the tmob Dash aka HTC Excalibur. I got the Dash at a really good deal. The dash looks huge but in real life is really tiny and looks awsome. As long as you can get by with out full blown WM6 and a touch screen it is a nice choice. Well that and I looked up what this pretty much perfect phone costs, 1000. I haven't heard any US carriers picking this up. I was thinking this was the replacement for the MDA but I was wrong. The MDA in blue is the replacement for the MDA. Now that's progress. New Unlocked HTC Kaiser Yikes. I don't have that kinda dough. The dash is like a third of the size of Kaiser and it has a great light feel to it.