HTC Magic, The Fabled Android G2, Looks Like It's Headed to Vodafone in Europe

File this under decidedly unconfirmed, but Boy Genius has unearthed official shots and an advertisement that indicate the Android phone we've seen leaked recently as the G2 is Europe-bound as the HTC Magic.


Beyond that, details are thin. BG is claiming a flashless 3.2 megapixel camera (same as the G1), and all the expected connectivity (3G, wi-fi). They're also claiming it will be loaded with Cupcake, the supposed next version of the Android OS, even though confusion abounds over exactly what Cupcake itself is-a development tool, or an eventual update? The NYT has it on record that Cupcake is simply a dev release, but we have seen features in said release that aren't in the G1's recent 1.1 update, like the soft keyboard. And there's still no beauty shot of the G2/Magic in pop-out QWERTY mode, we might add...

So, haze is still strong here, and HTC did not unveil anything like this at their MWC press conference, but hopefully this Euro-only teasing is just the prelude to a wider release, because the hardware is certainly sexy. Hit up Boy Genius for more shots: [BG]


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