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HTC Supersonic, Sprint's WiMAX Android Phone, Due For Announcement Today

Illustration for article titled HTC Supersonic, Sprints WiMAX Android Phone, Due For Announcement Today

Last week we said the HTC Supersonic would be announced next week, and as it's now "next week," it figures that select Sprint Premier customers are being told about a "groundbreaking new device" due to be announced today.


These Are The Droids got the above screenshot from a Sprint Premier customer which shows an "exciting announcement about a groundbreaking new device" due tomorrow (aka, today), and Engadget received some chat transcripts between Sprint customers and Sprint customer service agents, which say much the same.


It'll be Sprint's first 4G handset on the WiMAX network, and while it won't be much different from the Nexus One (or indeed, HD2), it'll be running Android 2.1, with HTC Sense slicked over the top. A 4.3-inch screen and 1GHz Snapdragon chip rounds off what we've heard about the Supersonic thus far. [These Are The Droids via Engadget via Android and Me]

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Les Mikesell

Does anyone know if this thing will tether via USB or act as a wifi hotspot?