HTC to Offer Its Own Branded Smartphones

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HTC is one of those behind-the-scenes companies that makes a lot of cellphones for other nameplates, but now it's walking into the smartphone arena with its own mobile handsets that it will brand HTC. This might be a little bit touchy, since HTC will now be sorta/kinda competing against some of its own customers, major mobile network operators that buy large quantities its OEM products.


What is the first thing HTC does when it walks into that snakepit of cellphone purveyors? It names a couple of its products the MTeoR (left) and TyTN. That's Gr8. Wonder where they got that naming convention? The company says that these two phones are the first Windows Mobile 5.0 phones with 3G/W-CDMA. We're especially liking that slide-out keyboard on the TyTN.

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