Huff Your Medicine With the Inhaler-Shaped PuFFiT Vaporizer

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Yeah, no, fumbling with a small wooden box and exposed electrical connections is real subtle. If you really want want to get high on the down low, you need to conceal your vaporizer as something that doesn't look like a vaporizer but also doesn't look like an IED. Something like an asthma inhaler, for instance.


The PuFFiT by Discreet Vape is just that—a vaporizer in an inhaler's footprint. Finely ground herb is loaded into the upper chamber, under the removable aluminum cap, where it's heated to between 250 and 430 degrees F in a gold-plated convection chamber using a seven-step temperature wheel. The device reportedly heats in 20-30 seconds and indicates its state of readiness through an LED (red means stop, green means toke). The system also reportedly lasts about 30 sessions per 3-hour USB charge.

Interestingly, the PuFFiT incorporates an internal stirring tool which allows you to mix the herb mid-session without opening the heating chamber and losing precious hot air. The PuFFiT is available for $140 at VapeWorld and Discreet Vapes.



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