Hugh Jackman Answers All Your Super Spoilery X-Men Questions

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Hugh Jackman answers everything you are dying to know about X-Men: Days of Future Past and shares a few fun spoilery details that we couldn't reveal earlier in our exclusive interview.


In our previous interview with the Wolverine, Jackman revealed how he goes about lacing the X-Men scripts with his trademark comic saying, "bub," but now he's ready to talk spoilers, reshoots and bone claws.

Hugh Jackman: The beauty of this particular movie, I feel like in many ways the slate has been wiped clean. I got real goosebumps in the end.

Seeing all those characters again, seeing Scott and Jean…

So awesome!

Is that a hello, or is that a goodbye?

Who knows? That's what I love about it. Because the difficult thing about this movie, when you read about it you go, "Oh this is like the epic conclusion. It's all come full circle. It's even the original director, it's the original cast. This is great." And then you see it and go, "Well actually this doesn't feel like that. This feels like a beginning." I think they've achieved that really, really well. As well as advancing all the characters. So, who knows?

Someone said to me before, "does this mean in the future that Wolverine only has bone claws?" And I said, "I actually hadn't thought about that's a possibility." Who knows where they go. Which is exciting.

So that [bone claws] is a possibility then?

No, I kind of presume, and thank you for holding this until after the movie airs because I'll get fired.


Oh right. Yeah. They're going to can Hugh Jackman.

I'll be beaten, I'll be put in solitary confinement never to do press again. I just presume, when you see that scene in the end with Stryker he's being dragged off and he's going to be experimented on again.


But that's Mystique! It's so f-ed up.

I know right? It is really cool.

What was it like to see Kelsey Grammer back in the Beast makeup?

So awesome, I love that guy. We laughed so much on X3. He actually, I shouldn't tell you things, he rang up Bryan [Singer] and said, "Bryan, I heard you're doing this, if there's anything I could do for you, I would love to be part of it."


That's awesome.

Isn't that awesome? It was like a year later, that [Singer] rang him. Because Bryan was working out all the ramifications and the whole ending, and that was part of it. We did like a three day reshoot, and that's when he did that. It was only when he was in the editing room thinking, "wouldn't [adding older Beast] be great?What a great thing to have," that we shot that. It was a year after he rang. Kelsey said I presumed I was out because I rang him and I never heard anything, and they shot it and it was done.


In this movie, the audience is lead to think that Wolverine dies [from drowning] but of course he doesn't die because he's Wolverine. He never dies! I'm curious, in your world, do you think that it's possible that your version of Wolverine could die? Because right now it seems like no.

You have to feel that's possible. And I think that's what Marvel is doing with the comic books. You have to feel that every character there is in danger. It's part of the problem we got into with Wolverine his kind of escalation of his ability to survive. The only way to get rid of him is to chop his head off. It was actually Chris McQuarrie who said no we have to reset that, and he did that with him becoming mortal.


But I always felt that he could die. He heals, he just heals quicker. In X2 when he's getting stabbed repeatedly by Lady Deathstrike that you felt he was going. And he was dying and that's how I was playing it. In the end that drowning thing got cut a little bit. For you and I we lie without breathing and after a minute, we're gone. For him, it's 20 minutes. But it's not that he can be there for 11 years, you feel like he needs breath at some point.


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