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Hulu Is Coming to Chromecast

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Chromecast launched with Netflix support, and now Hulu is working on bringing Chromecast support to its iOS and Android apps.

There is no official date as to when it's coming but a Hulu rep said it's "actively working on it" with Google. Technically, you can already cast Hulu to your TV through the device in a browser tab, and Hulu said it's okay with that. But this deal would obviously bring Hulu's services to Chromecast in an official capacity.


Once Hulu's on board, That would leave HBO Go as one of the last big-name streaming options left to be added to Chromecast, and as Variety reported yesterday, HBO is working on making that happen. Since content has been one of the major hurdles for the purported "future of TV." this could mean Google's Chromecast is well on its way to being the best streaming platform for you. And for only $35. [Variety, The Verge via TalkAndroid]

Image by Michael Hession