Hulu's New Original Series Have Some Serious Talent Backing Them

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Hulu will bring you two brand new original series before the summer. The streaming service will also offer new episodes of "A Day in the Life," which debuted last year.


According to the Wall Street Journal, the shows are well-funded and helmed by some formidable talent. "Battleground," which will run for 13 episodes beginning in February, is "a comedy about a dysfunctional Senate campaign". The other new series will be a travelogue from Richard Linklater, the director best known for his work on Dazed and Confused.

That all sounds pretty good, so what could go wrong? Hulu isn't the only online streaming service to dive into original content. Just a few weeks ago we saw the trailer for Netflix's first original series, Lilyhammer, and at the end of last year we heard about Google's plans to fund slews of original content for YouTube. Whether or not original content will help sway our eyeballs from one service to another remains to be seen. [WSJ via The Verge]


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In case anyone is wondering, here's the cast listing from the PR release:

Cast includes: Jay Hayden ("Chris 'Tak' Davis"); Teri Reeves ("Kara 'KJ' Jamison"); Jack DeSena ("Cole Graner"); Ben Samuel ("Ben Werner"); Lindsey Payne ("Lindsey Cutter"); Jordan T. Maxwell ("Jordan T. Mosley") and Alison Haislip ("Ali Laurents").

Is it a tell that 3 people's character name is the same as their actual name, and another one is just a shorter version?