Also, a quick update on helping out. If you have equipment you want to donate, please contact instead of contacting me directly. They can help guide the necessary equipment to our central deployment area in Rayville, LA.

If you have a specific equipment donation for the Houston team, feel free to call or email me directly ( has both). Right now we don't have a need for a lot of hardware, because we still don't have a concrete deployment plan for Houston or otherwise (that will change as of this evening).

We have had offers of the use of trucks to NOLA, which we will take advantage of if that trip happens (unlikely; see previous post). What we need now, however, is a vehicle to use to haul hardware and equipment to various points within the affected areas. I would prefer to borrow a vehicle (for which I can pay someone for the use) or to purchase a cheap beater rather than rent a car from a service, which will be just as expensive and less flexible. If you can help me with this in Houston, please let me know today. I do have personal funds and possible donations available to purchase a vehicle and fuel.


We will also need fuel containers. If you have access to those, please let us know. Bigger the better.