Hybrid Android/XP Tablet/Laptop Looks Nice, Has Me Confused

At first this seems like a good idea: A tablet that runs Android in stand-alone mode. Then you connect it to an HP Mini 1000 netbook and it will run Windows XP.

Then I wonder how the data—the address book, the music, calendar, etc.—will be kept synchronized between its Android and XP personalities. Did they manage to share data structures between the two operating systems? Maybe. Or maybe it's just a funky prototype that doesn't really work at all. [Crunchgear]



Modular. I like it. A lot. Would prefer a trackpoint over pad and some speedy WLAN but neither would be dealbreakers on their own. Adding a slot for a small simple 'dumbphone/mp3 player' in the side of the tablet and it's an all in one magic machine that I'd pay good money for. Not silly Mac money, but combined Netbook plus unlocked nokia N96-kind of money.

I like this very much.