Smule, the guys who made Leaf Trombone and Ocarina, just ported Auto-Tune—the software T-Pain and Auto-Tune the news uses to make music gold—onto the iPhone. Holy crap is it awesome.


Here is my sample recording. I never heard the original, obviously, so I did my best at freestyling. What's cool about this is that all I had to do was select the track, hit play and basically go freeballing on the lyrics that popped up. Sometimes the lyrics popped a little too fast, but hey, what're you gonna do.

But the fact that you can make your own track, then share it with your friends (or Facebook or Myspace) with just a few clicks is amazing, especially so since it's authentic Antares Auto-Tune technology. As a bonus, you can see the Auto-Tune the News guys with T-Pain allude to the existence of the app in their latest installment:

The Price is $3, and I definitely got $3 worth of fun out of it. [iTunes]

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